Born 1981, Emilien Truche met the puppetry very young. When he was a kid, he played in puppetrypieces in his little hometown. During his first studies, Emilien was engaged in many projects and the student theater association« TU de Dijon ». 2004 he completed his studies as teacher for the first degree and began to teach in differents primary schools in France. In 2010 he moved in Germany, worked as french teacher and he took parallel different curses at the Figurentheaterkolleg in Bochum.

Emilien lives and works in Stuttgart. He has studied puppetry at the HMDK (university for music and performing art) in Stuttgart – Germany. He worked there with differents artists from performing and visual domain (Prof. Stephanie Rinke, Prof. Florian Feisel, Prof. Julika Mayer, Janusz Debinski, Michael Cros, Sylvia Wanke, Michael Mordo, Annette Scheibler, Pierre Meunier, Marguerite Bordat , Ariel Doron, Joachim Fleischer) and he participed in differents group-productions who played on differents festivals in Europe like « Imaginale » in Stuttgart, « FIDENA » in Bochum,« Les Giboulées » in Strasbourg, or « internationales» in Erlangen. In the season 2017 / 2018, Emilien plays as guest-puppeteer in the show “Macbeth ” at the municipal theater in Aalen (Germany). In 2017, he has become the Deutschland Stipendium ( « Germany Scholarship »).

In his work, Emilien mixes dance, performance and puppeteer. Emilien explores the relations between the puppet and the puppeteer, he tries to show the unspeakable and plays wit the border of animation.

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