2 im Fluss


Figurentheater Antje Töpfer & Zikade Theater, Stuttgart

Theater of pictures with material and music

It drips and oozes, splashes and flows, we can see the reflection of ourselves in it. Small animals can walk on it, but we dive into it. Sometimes there is nothing tastier, sometimes we use it for cleaning. It squeaks and splashes, murmurs and thunders. When we drink it, it comes out transformed. Nothing is worse than not having it. If we didn’t have water! Two puppeteers explore an amazing element: the water.

From 4 years old – duration approx. 40 minutes

Play & construction: Antje Töpfer
Play: Emilien Truche
Musical development: Roderik Vanderstraeten
Lighting: Joachim Fleischer
Directing: Ines Müller-Braunschweig

On tour:
12th to 16th October 2019 – FITZ Stuttgart (D)
28th and 29th December 2019 – FITZ Stuttgart (D)
19th to 24th March 2022 – FITZ Stuttgart (D)
18th to 22th May 2022 – Theater Stadelhofen – Zurich (CH)
10th to 14th January 2024 – FITZ Stuttgart (D)

Supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V., the Landesverband Freier Theater Bade-Württemberg e.V. with funds from the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of le Land Baden-Württemberg, by the city of Stuttgart and is a co-production with the FITZ Stuttgart Theater.

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