zerSTÖRung / destruction

performance / january 2016
under the direction of Pierre Meunier and Marguerite Bordat
with students of the HMDK, Stuttgart

Photo Florian Feisel

Breath after the chaos
Connectionless: liberation or collapse
Rebirth ? Echo…
…to reach the esssence
Spiral of fear and fruit,
Glowing heart, intense will. Structures,
Death already over and the dust is
afraid : a concentrate of destruction ?
Or only a bend to the next beginning ?
Without name ! Shattered, diformed responsability.
… Seem to be a progress  ?
The perspectives swarmed out,     
All of itself…

Seven students will be stayed in the front of the rubbles of their work: the project zerSTÖRung/destruction is an invitation, to look the destructive side of the human nature like something creatif. We observe a group of researchers-manipulaters-performers during the developpement of destructive machine, we follow their funny and as well malicious experiences with the destructive repertory of a destructive society. Three (jazz-)musician accompagny the laboratory technician during this tragi-comic performance.

Lets start at least to end  – with your next, your lovely ideas, your goods, your comfort, your dog, … Wait for a evening , who doesn’t know any tomorrow – destructiv and bewitching.

Direction: Pierre Meunier und Maguerite Bordat

Play: Anne Brüssau, Marius Alsleben, Clara Palau y Herrero, Sarah Chaudon, Rafi Martin, Emilien Truche, Yannick Stasiak

Music: Franziska Schuster- song, Apollonio Maiello – piano, Jan Kappes – contrabass

Counseling: Prof. Julika Mayer, Prof. Rainer Tempel

Length: 80 minutes

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6Z0Pz7HZZ4&w=560&h=315


22th und 23rd january 2016 – Festival IMAGINALE – STUTTGART
14th march 2016 – Festival Les Giboulées – TJP – STRASBOURG (F)
8th , 9th, 14th, 16th und 17th april 2016 – Wilhelma Theater – STUTTGART
7th may 2016 – Festival FIDENA – BOCHUM
20th may 2017 – internationale figuren.theater.festival – ERLANGEN

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